5 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for the Wanderlusts

How many trips have you done this year alone? Three, four, five? People, it seems, are more than willing to pay for experiences. If you’re the wanderlust who cannot not have a trip in three months, these apps are for you!

To save on space, let’s not include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat in this list because for sure, you already have them on your phone, along with photo enhancing apps and yeah, waze.

But here are a few other apps that you’ll want to have on your phone. Or do you already have them? 


It's not to brag about your whereabouts but in case you need the small details (or maybe memories) on what happened and where it happened, Swarmapp will let you check-in to places and even connect it to your social media accounts.


If you can't afford (yet) to enroll for a foreign language class or you are just too busy to do so, download Duolingo for free lessons in your selected language. With everyday practice, you'll be a French-speaking mademoiselle by the time you travel to Paris!

Orange World

This lifestyle rewards app powered by FWD is a must-have for everyone looking for great deals in travel, food, and new experiences. This rewards app allows you to earn points when you read and share articles on your passions. And those points you can redeem from partner merchants. Get Buy 2 Take 1 free on local travels, 50% discounts in dining, free lessons, etc. Download now and explore your passions for less. 


Nothing like good music to get you to blood pumping mood. Spend the hours on a plane or on a road trip with your favorite music Discover playlists and new songs that will go perfectly with your newest adventure. You can even download the music that you want to play for months on end.

Packing List

This app is an absolute godsend for those days when the squad just goes on a weekend trip out of the blue. Having a list of the essentials you need to pack helps makes sure that you won’t forget anything.