Investment-Linked Life Insurance Plan

Our life insurance products focus on one thing – enabling you to pursue life’s passions without worry. With our growing selection of life insurance products, you can truly live life to the fullest.

  • Affordable premiums for as low as 24K every year for 10 years

  • Decide on your life insurance coverage by talking to our Financial Wealth Planner or Financial Solutions Consultant

  • Grow your money through sound investment funds

  • Supervision and care by experienced fund managers

  • Grow your money with no premium charge or initial fees

  • Freedom to adjust your asset allocation as your needs change

  • Pay a one-time premium as low as Php100K and get all the benefits you need in one go

  • See your money grow through solid investment funds

  • Get coverage for up to 100 years of age

  • Allows a more stable growth of your investment

  • Enjoy the benefits of a lifetime insurance protection

  • Receive all benefit payments in US Dollars