Giving your employees maximum protection when an accident occurs - from the loss of life to any dismemberment or loss of use. This while making sure their family receives financial support during that time of need.

The FWD Advantage

Group Accident provides coverage even for the most mature-aged, until reaching 70 years old. It has less exclusions for accidental death, dismemberment, and disability and offers flexibility on disability benefits and preferred settlement option.

So…what does it do?

  • Group Accident - provides a benefit amount for the loss of life of your employee or member due to an accident and/or dismemberment or loss of use. It also gives an advanced payment for the family of your employee or member to help cover for sudden funeral expenses.

  • Accidental Disability - A benefit amount for total and permanent disability due to an accident, paid in lump sum or instalments.

  • Medical Reimbursement - A benefit amount for medically necessary in-patient or out-patient treatments due to an accident.

  • Hospital Income - A benefit amount for each day of hospital confinement due to an accident.

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