• What information do I need to report a Death Claim?

  • When reporting a claim, please provide us the following: Policy Number, Name of Insured and Owner, Date of Death, Cause of Death, Place of Death, and Contact Details. You may call Customer Connect +632-888-8388 or email us at for assistance.

  • Am I qualified to file a Claim? Who is qualified?
  • For a Death Claim, the order of eligibility is ranked as: [1st] Primary Beneficiary (or the main recipient of death benefit) or Contingent Beneficiary (only entitled if no Primary Beneficiaries survive the Insured), [2nd] Owner (if no designated living beneficiaries), [3rd] Substitute Beneficiaries (if no designated living beneficiaries and Owner), and lastly, the Estate (if none of the above).

  • I want to file a claim. What are the requirements?
  • Please click here for a summary of the Claims process. You may also call Customer Connect at +632-888-8388 if you have additional questions.
  • Do I need to submit the original Claim documents?
  • Yes, only original Claim documents will be accepted. You may submit all documents to our Customer Connect Centre or FWD Branch Offices, or through your Financial Wealth Planner and Financial Solutions Consultant. For the list of offices, please click here. You can also forward a soft copy of the documents to so we can start to assess your claim.

  • Can a minor beneficiary file a claim?

  • Yes, the minor beneficiary can file a claim but he must be represented by a Legal Guardian or appointed Trustee who must also accomplish and submit the required forms. Click here to see list of Death Claim requirements.
  • How do I receive the death claim benefit?
  • Please click here to see the procedure of claims release.
  • I have the Claim forms and documents ready. When should I file the Claim?
  • Please click here to see the submission timeline.
  • But I’m overseas. Can I still apply for a Claim?
  • Yes, you can. Just mail your claim application to our office here. Please remember that documents coming from abroad require the Philippine Consular Office’s authentication first. You simply need to bring all your claim documents to the Philippine Consular Office in your location to get them authenticated.
  • Can a representative transact on my behalf?
  • Yes, the representative may. Please provide a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with the Claim requirements, including valid identification for both beneficiary and representative.
  • Can I request that my Claim check be sent directly to me?
  • Yes, Claim checks can be delivered directly to the beneficiary. Please make sure that you provide this option during your Claim application. For more information, you can call Customer Connect at +632-888-8388.

Policy / Policy Service

  • How do I register in the Customer Connect portal?
  • Go to the Customer Connect Portal and click on ‘New User. After you type in your details a security code will be sent to your mobile number. Nominate your username and password and you’re good to go! If you’re overseas, please call our Customer Connect team at +632-888-8388 and a Customer Connect Executive will be happy to help you.
  • I’m having trouble registering. Who can I speak to?
  • If you’re having technical problems or need support, you can call us at +632-888-8388 or email
  • I have questions about my policy. Who can I talk to?
  • There are many ways to get in touch with us. Find your preferred channel here.
  • I need to file and report a claim.
  • Please visit the Claims for more information regarding the processes involved. You can also read the Claims FAQ section of this page.
  • How do I increase or decrease my life coverage?
  • Kindly submit the Policy Change Form (dated, signed, witnessed), Health Statement Form and Policy Contract (if policy is rewritten) to our offices, along with the payment of the premium difference. You can find all of them in the Forms page. Remember, an increase is allowed within one (1) year from effective date. A reduced coverage will require assignees or irrevocable beneficiaries’ consent.
  • I want to change my billing method and frequency.
  • Please submit a new Auto Debit / Charge Form and completed Policy Change Form (dated, signed, witnessed) with the desired frequency and mode of payment. Remember, the new frequency should conform to the cycle of the original mode of payment. For example, a quarterly schedule may be changed into an annual schedule on the policy’s anniversary date.
  • I need to update my contact details. How can I do this?
  • If you’ve already registered online, you can easily update your contact information via our Customer Connect Portal. If you haven’t, feel free to call our Customer Connect hotline (+632-888-8388) and we’ll be glad to update it for you.
  • My Policy Pack is damaged / lost. Can you send me a duplicate?
  • You may access your policy contract anytime, anywhere via our Customer Connect Portal. However, if you’d like to receive a physical copy, FWD can send you a duplicate policy upon submission of the following: Notarized declaration of Lost Policy Contract, Certification from the municipality, the damaged policy contract (if possible), processing fee of Php200 (if certification from municipality is included, the fee may be waived), and Photocopy of Owner’s valid ID (with signature). Forms may be downloaded here.
  • I want to change my beneficiaries. How do I do that?
  • You may do so upon submission of two (2) copies of the Policy Change Form (dated, signed, and witnessed) to our offices. Remember, your new form will erase your previous beneficiaries so be sure to designate whether a beneficiary is revocable or irrevocable. If your current beneficiary is irrevocable, please have him sign the form; if you’re designating your spouse as a new beneficiary, please provide a marriage contract; if your intended beneficiary is a minor, please name a Trustee on the form, along with a notarized Trust Deed Form.

Premium Payment

  • What are the payment facilities available at FWD?
  • Currently, FWD has the following payment facilities available:

         a. ADA (Auto Debit Arrangement) for Savings Account from our Bank Partners - BPI, BDO, Metrobank and Security Bank
         b. ACA (Auto Charge Arragement) for VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB and AMEX credit cards
         c. PDC (Post Dated Check)
         d. POS Terminal payment at FWD Branches - Debit and Credit
         e. Dragonpay Online for Initial Payment 
         f.  Over The Counter Cash or Check Payment at our Partner Banks
         g. Online Banking via our Bank Partners - Security Bank, BPI, BDO and Metrobank
  • What Payment Options are available when paying for Initial Premium?
  • For Initial Premium payment, regardless of payment mode, we can only use the following payment options:
         a.  Dragonpay Online
         b.  Offline payment - cash or check over the counter payment at our partner banks
         c.   POS Terminal payment at FWD Branches (ATM Debit or Mastercard/Visa Credit Card)
  • What Payment Options are available when paying for Renewal Premium?
  • For Renewal Premium payment, we will use the following payment methods:

    I. For Monthly Modes, we are only allowing the following payment methods:
         a. ADA (Auto Debit Arrangement) for Savings Account from our Bank Partners - BPI, BDO, Metrobank and Security Bank
         b. ACA (Auto Charge Arragement) for VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB and AMEX credit cards
         c. PDC (Post Dated Check)

    II. For Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual Modes, the following can be used:
         a. ADA
         b. ACA
         c. POS Terminal payment at FWD Branches (ATM Debit or Mastercard/Visa Credit Card)
         d. Over The Counter Cash or Check Payment at our Partner Banks
  • When paying over the counter, what bank slip should I use to pay my premiums?
  • When paying your premiums, be sure to use the Bills Payment Slip under the merchant "FWD Life Insurance Corporation". For the initial payment, please use the 13 Digit Application Reference Number. For subsequent payment, indicate the payment code (03) + your 8-Digit Policy Number.
  • Do I get an Official Receipt? How?
  • Official Receipt are sent to you depending on your chosen mode of delivery as chosen in your Application for Insurance. You can also access your Customer Portal to view all your official receipts anytime. Just visit our website at, click Log In, and choose customer connect. You may consult your Finacial Wealth Planner/Financial Solutions Consultant or call our hotline for further assistance in your customer portal registration.
  • Can I pay via Point of Sale (POS) terminal?
  • Yes, POS Terminal will be set up in FWD branches and cannot be brought out of the premises.

  • What type of payments can be made via POS terminal facility?

  • The following payment types are acceptable:

    • Initial Premium Deposit
    • Renewal Premium Payment
    • Reinstatement Payment
    • Regular Top-up Payment
  • Who is authorized to operate the POS terminal?

  • Only trained Branch Executives are authorized to process premium payments via POS terminal. Agents are not allowed to operate the POS terminals.

  • How can I select POS payment mode through my E-app tablet?

  • You can trigger POS terminal payment by choosing offline payment in your tablet.

  • What type of cards can be processed by POS terminal?

  • The following cards are acceptable:

    Credit Cards:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard

    Debit Cards:

    • Visa Debit
    • Mastercard Debit
    • Bank ATMs with Bancnet and Expressnet

    Note: At the moment, AMEX cards are only accepted for Auto Credit Arrangement (ACA) transactions.

  • What type of identification do I need need to bring to pay using the POS terminal?

  • One (1) primary or two (2) secondary valid IDs will be requested before processing the payment. (Please refer to the next page for the acceptable IDs)
  • How can I pay for the initial and renewal premium payment based on my payment mode?

  • For monthly mode:
    • We can only use POS terminal for initial premium payments.
    • For renewal monthly premium payments, client must enrol to ADA/ACA or PDC payment facilities.
    For quarterly, semi-annual, or annual:
    • We can use the POS terminal for both initial and renewal premium payments.

  • I am currently paying the renewal premiums over the counter, can I change the payment manner using the POS terminal? What do I need to do?

  • Yes, you can change your payment manner using the POS terminal.
    1. If you are currently paying the renewal premium via over the counter, you can immediately change the payment manner to POS terminal.
    2. If you are currently enrolled in ADA/ACA or PDC monthly mode, you need to change to at least quarterly payment mode in order to transact via the POS terminal. By doing this, a policy change form is needed to request to update the payment mode to quarterly.

  • Can I use multiple credit cards or debit cards in paying for my premium payment?

  • Yes, using multiple cards is allowed.
  • Do you accept credit card payment for Single Premium (All Set & All Set Higher) and Adhoc Top-ups?

  • No. At this time, we can only accept debit cards for Single Premium insurance products.
  • Do you accept international cards for POS terminal payment transactions?

  • Yes, we accept international cards, but we will be using the local currency upon swiping for payment.
  • Can I request a family member to pay on my behalf and bring my card to an FWD branch office to pay for my premium?

  • We require the policyowner’s presence when using his/her card to pay for premiums.
  • Can I use the card of my relative when paying premium via POS terminal?

  • The existing guidelines on acceptable relationships will be followed:
    1. Grandparents
    2. Parents
    3. Sibling
    4. Children
    5. Uncle and Auntie
    6. Fiance/Fiancee
    7. Guardian
    8. Employer for household staff

    If the payor is not with the policyowner, an authorization letter with a photocopy of policyowner's ID must be presented.

    **Agents are not allowed to use their cards to pay for their client's premium.

  • How will the Official Receipt (OR) be generated when I pay via the POS terminal?

  • Only approved charge slip will be given to you. The Official Receipt (OR) for your premium will be generated upon posting of payment the next day. This will be delivered to you based on your preferred dispatch mode. All ORs can be found as well in your Customer Connect portal. We encourage that you register to the Customer Connect portal to view and print your OR as well as obtain other information related to your policy.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions on payment using the POS terminal?

  • You can reach out to any FWD Branch Executive nationwide or email us at You can also call our Customer Connect Hotline at (02) 888 8388, from 8am-8pm.

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