From points to cash

The more rewarding version of the FWD Affiliates PH App is now here!

Points equivalent to cash

Your points is the redemption value when you cash out.

Higher rewards for share, post signups, and sales

We’ve increased the reward values when you share articles and get signups, as well as when the signups become sales.


Higher rewards with FWD Affiliates App 3.0

Share 1 article, earn P1

Earn P1 for every article that you share on your social network. You can earn points for maximum 8 articles you share per day.

Get a signup, earn P5

Earn P5 for every person who signs up for an appointment with an FWD advisor via the article you shared. You can get rewarded for up to 4 signups maximum per day.

Lead to a sale, earn more

If your referral buys an FWD product from our advisor, you’ll earn more rewards!



With the more rewarding FWD Affiliates App 3.0, Affiliates can Share more. Protect more. Earn more.