4 Ways ‘Still’ taught us the healing power of music

Do you remember how you felt when the pandemic hit?

By Samantha Z. Beltran

While the new normal may feel more, well, normal after two years in, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in different ways, posing real challenges to how we live. It is why Still, the first Viu Filipino Original musical series, feels relatable and evokes a cathartic response. Centered around the story of talented artists in Daloy Himig, a music camp, circumstances force them together and compel them to confront the all-too-familiar emotions of anxiety, loss, grief, and sadness—and how music, courage, friendship, and being prepared for whatever life may throw can heal them.

in partnership with FWD Life Philippines, shows the artists reconnect and rediscover their passion through music. Through friendship and song, they stand amidst the uncertainties and let their voices be heard.

Featuring some of the best voices in the country, Julie Anne San Jose, Christian Bautista, Gab Pangilinan, Bituin Escalante, and Gabby Padilla, Still is an ode to the Quarantine Generation—to all of us braving the new world.

Here are four ways the musical series Still taught us how music can heal, especially during dark times.


1. Music Can be an Expression of Your Strength.

Music holds so much power in helping us express our emotions—and there is strength in embracing how you truly feel and showing this through song. Some songs reflect how you feel, or encourage you to move forward and past difficult times, giving you the courage to go on.


2. Music Brings People Together.

No matter what differences people may have, music has the special ability to bring people together. The right musical connection can help forge a unique bond among people. Music can also help you reveal to those that matter that you will always have their backs.


3. Music Can Help Reignite Your Passion.

In Still, Christian Bautista’s Nikolas and Bituin Escalante’s Annette rediscover their passion, acting on their dreams and making them happen. Many people find meaning in music, which drives them to manifest their dreams. Even if you’re passionate about a different pursuit, music can help influence you to just go for it.


4. Music Helps You Feel and Convey Those Emotions.

Like the characters of Still, FWD recognizes the power of music to empower you to express yourself. Some of the most moving and powerful messages are in music, and it is empowering to find your anthem that best reflects your sentiments, emotions, and aspirations.

FWD supports Still because it hopes to inspire many to dare to dream, discover, be different, and protect those who matter no matter what. Produced during the pandemic, this musical narrative reminded us that we are capable to rise above challenges when we stand united and prepare for the unforeseen.

Tough times urge us to look back and look ahead. It makes us ask the question – “Are we ready for tomorrow?” or “Are we doing enough today?”

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