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Set Your Dreams in Motion

Check out these tips to help you define and pursue your goals By Kaydee dela Buena

Due to the past months, we may have had to change our goals and shrink our dreams. But despite the circumstances, we shouldn’t be afraid to dream big. Remember, we will all soon overcome this, and nothing should divert us from our path to our goals. We may need to change route, but the destination remains the same. So when it comes to your dreams and goals—think it to manifest it then financially prepare for it. That’s the power of attraction.

Or course, beyond simply wishing and thinking it. Your thoughts must follow a (financial) plan of action.


Here are a few tips on how to better define your goals and set a dream into motion.

1. Write down in clear terms what you want to achieve

When it comes to your dreams, it’s not about whether it is achievable or not. It’s about whether you’ve clearly defined it in the first place. To ensure that it doesn’t remain a remote dream, put down into clear terms what it is you want.

Is it a home? Is it to migrate? Is it to set up a business for your family? Your dreams can be one or many; there is no limit.

Defining and envisioning what you want is an important first step.


2. Plot the steps

Once you have the goals fully in mind, assess your current situation. What needs to be done and what needs to be changed in order for your dreams to be set into motion. To make it clearer, break down the greater goal into smaller achievable steps. List each down


3. Set a time frame

Once you have broken down the dream into smaller milestones and steps, you can put down a time frame for each. You can be realistic. How long will it take you to save up for that amount you want? How long will it take for you to work the hours to qualify for that promotion, etc.?


4. Acknowledge the possible hurdles and put in the safety nets

As part of the planning, you must take into consideration as well some of the challenges you may come across. While certain things are beyond our control, we can mitigate and prepare for these risks by acknowledging them and putting in place the necessary safety nets.

Sickness, death, accidents—you can prepare for these with the right insurance. Setting aside the time and money for these will help you in the long run.

Insurance such as FWD Set for Health plan for critical illness and Set for Life plan for lifetime insurance with investment give you the security and confidence you need. In times of emergency, be covered, as well as your family. No matter what happens, you can be sure that any emergency can be dealt with smoothly and responsibly. 

Despite what others may say, you deserve to dream big. Anything is, indeed, possible if you can imagine it. But remember, a goal without a plan will not work.

If you need more help in defining your dreams and setting those safeguards, don’t be afraid to reach out to a financial advisor.