Money and insurance

Norman Black on teaching young players how to manage finances

Take care of your finances now while you’re young.

- Take care of your finances now while you’re young. 
- Save your money as much as you can.
- You can use your basketball career to be able to pay off your loans in the future.

For Norman Black, one of the renowned stars of Philippine basketball league, managing your finances is something everyone should consider doing. He’s well aware basketball is not a permanent career. Since players or coaches are not covered by pensions, they are expected to take care of their money while still being able to play in the court. 

With this kind of mindset, he has been able to protect his hard-earned wealth which is evident since his first paycheck. Having benefited from this saving wisdom, he shares money-managing tips to his team and to other young players.

He believes materials things are momentary. What matters for him is having the discipline to think about the future. What better way to feel a sense of relief than having a decent place to live the rest of your life.