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Live Well, Do Good, and Make a Difference

Build your wealth, protect your future, and make a positive change in the world with FWD Global Good ESG Funds.

FWD Life Philippines

People usually share common goals: provide the best future for their family and achieve a better quality of life. Yet most of us, despite having a clear understanding of these goals, still struggle on where and how to get there.

Here’s a tip: working on having a better, more secure life and future starts by doing good—in our own lives, the lives of others, and particularly in protecting the environment for future generations. So when you map out your next steps in building and growing your career, increasing your wealth, going after your passions, and even advocacies, also consider the legacy you’ll leave behind for your family.

That’s why putting your money in companies that consider sustainability factors in addition to financial outcomes is the future of investing. With FWD Set for Life, you can now invest in FWD Global Good ESG Funds that give you access to companies that strive to make a positive change in the world by taking into account environmental, social and governance factors. As you build your wealth, you can take comfort in knowing you are sustainably investing and making a positive change for the future.

These funds are available in peso and dollar denominations, invested in global equities suited for aggressive investors. This fund is managed by BlackRock, one of the biggest and most reputable fund managers worldwide

FWD Global Good ESG funds are also available to other variable unit-linked FWD products like FWD All Set and FWD All Set Higher.  

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