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5 Advantages to investing in your 20s

When it comes to prepping for your future, an early start is always better. Here are five reasons to convince you to set aside a little money for your investment plans.

There’s nothing to fear when it comes to investing.

Investing has an “aged” ring to it, like retirement or arthritis. And when you’re in your 20s (and living the life), the whole financial investment spiel seems like just a bunch of doomsday drivel. But is it really?

Rent and gas money, as well as mobile phone and data bills, are probably among your biggest concerns at this point. Dining out with friends is the norm, and concerts and travels are just about the main things you save up for regularly.

You have the money and minimal “adult” responsibilities. But that won’t be for long. In a few years, you’d have #adulting right at your door. So why not start investing now? Here are five more reasons why you should.

1. It’s the Best Time to “Test the Waters”

Investing this early can already yield plenty of benefits and at such a minimal cost. The key is taking a slow but sure approach. Talk to a financial adviser. Don’t expect to hit the ball right out of the park on your first try (although that would be sweet, too!), and instead, be ready for all the lessons you’ll pick up. With the experience you rack up over time, you should be able to handle your investments more deftly come 30s.

2. Don’t Wait Until the Rainy Days Before You Prepare For it

Outstanding mortgage payments, health and wellness maintenance, medications and treatments, and other expenses will eventually take front and center in your list of priorities and, frankly, you wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared. Investing early relieves you of the constant worry about your future because your money is already earning for you.

3. Start Small, Come out Big

One cup of Starbucks coffee a day for five days a week will cost you around PHP 800. That cost goes even higher if you take more than venti a day or if you have a penchant for the expensive blends. Easily, you’d likely spend over PHP 50,000 for your coffee fix for the entire year.

With that amount, you can already start with investment funds that are low-cost and easily diversified. You can also invest in stocks, which can yield a seven to eight percent return later on. The point is your PHP 50,000 can do so much more than simply get you your daily caffeine fix. If you invest it, for instance, with FWD Life Philippines’ Set for Life, you can get your coffee money earning for you.

4. Take Advantage of the Technology

Your familiarity with technology will really help you. Today, people use the internet to invest in stocks or different funds. It’s also easier to research a product and learn the ins and outs of investing.

5. Enjoy Bigger Earnings

A PHP 500,000 capital investment in your 20s with a five percent base interest rate may grow to PHP 3.5M, more or less,

To get sound financial advice, talk to a professional.

Getting started with your investment early on helps ease the burden of “adulting” as you become more agile and experienced at it. Save yourself from the stress and trouble of playing catch up with your retirement and investment funds later on by doing it as early as you possibly can.