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Start a self-love habit!

This Valentine’s month, FWD Life Insurance is giving away awesome self-care prizes to make sure you love yourself, too!

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The beginning of the year usually brings with it hope, but the latest surge in COVID-19 cases, thanks to the Omicron variant, has the entire world feeling more anxious, again.

As we move into February, the month of hearts, let’s remember how it feels like to be loved and to be well, at peace, and content by loving ourselves first and starting a self-care habit. Self-love isn’t being selfish. It’s great that we can take care of each other but not at the expense of taking care of ourselves. Afterall, we can take care of those who matter to us better when we are healthy, well, and joyful.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing
At FWD, we advocate a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by helping you lead a life that nurtures your physical, mental and emotional, social, and financial wellness. To be able to live the joy of wellbeing, you need to start committing to care more for these vital aspects of your daily life. 

We know. Total wellbeing is hard to achieve, especially during the pandemic. Keeping healthy by exercising, taking vitamins, and eating good, nutritious food is great but make sure to also cover the other equally important bases. To inspire you to get started, join our promo that leads you to building a daily habit of caring and prioritizing your personal wellness.

Start Living Your Healthiest and Most Joyful Life with FWD’s Self-Love Wins Promo!
Simply share how you’re practicing self-love to nurture your health and wellbeing for a chance to win exciting prizes that help you take care of your physical, mental and emotional, social, and financial wellness. By joining the promo, we hope you would be able to consistently dedicate time to develop routines and discover simple measures that lessen stress and worries, bring you to the path of joyfulness, help you live life to the fullest, and get a chance to win the following self-love prizes.

Mental & Emotional and Social Retreat
A healthy life starts with a peaceful mind and emotional stability. Your chance to rekindle with yourself can start with a wellness weekend package for two at The Farm at San Benito worth PhP100,000. Enjoy satisfying, calming, and serene experiences that allow you to reconnect with yourself, your friend or loved one, and the environment.

Health and Financial Protection
Health starts with financial protection to inspire you to celebrate living knowing you are covered. You can start by winning one of four FWD KanMend Insurance policy for your health and financial protection. FWD KanMend is a starter critical illness coverage that protects you from 42 illnesses including complications brought about by COVID-19.

Mental and Emotional Relaxation
Keeping a stable mental and emotional condition keeps us on track, so it’s important to clear the mind, give ourselves a break to cope with stress and anxiety. Your mental and emotional wellbeing can start with when you win one of four The Spa Wellness cards worth PhP2000 each and enjoy a soothing massage to relieve your mental and emotional tensions.

Physical Fitness
Regular exercise and proper diet provide us those happy hormones that put us in a good mood. When we feel physically great and healthy, the rest follows. To support your Physical journey, we’re also giving away a Garmin Venu SQ watch or one of two meal plans worth PhP4000 each from Isabel’s to help you stay on track with your fitness resolutions.

Feeling better and prioritizing your health and wellbeing never had these many cool perks! You have until February 28 to join the promo. Here’s how:

1. Post a photo on your Instagram or Facebook showing how you’re practicing self-love to nurture your health and wellbeing.
2. In a short caption, tell us how you practice self-love for your health and wellbeing.
3. Use the hashtags #FWDJoyOfWellbeing, #CelebrateLiving, and #Selflove.
4. Tag @fwdlife_ph on Instagram or on Facebook and 1 friend in the caption inviting them to practice self-love. Make sure your post is set to public.
5. Winners will be chosen based on the caption that clearly encapsulates their self-love practice and how it helps with their health and wellbeing.
6. Prizes and schedule of winner announcements will be as follows: 

For the full promo mechanics and terms and conditions, click here.

Practice self-care regularly and nurture your total health and wellbeing. To discover how you can better care for your total wellbeing, check out FWD Life Insurance’s health protection plans like KanMendHealth Bundle, and Set For Health.