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6 Kitchen remedies for cold symptoms

Having cold symptoms isn't fun. You get a stuffy nose, sore throat, ceaseless sneezing, and other nasty stuff. Although medicine will help you fight it off, it wouldn’t hurt getting some backup remedies from your kitchen. Give these items a try.

By Redi Mendoza

Having probably gotten sick hundreds of times, you must already know how to boost your immune system and manage cold symptoms.

While there are medicines for it, prevention is still the best way to manage cold symptoms. The following are some concoctions that can help boost your immune system so it can fight off those pesky viruses. They can also help relieve the signs of a cold like a clogged nose or a sore throat. Plus, most of the items in the list are typical in Pinoy kitchens.


The local version of ginger tea is not just a perfect match for puto bumbong. Compounds found in ginger have anti-inflammatory properties that lessen the inflammation in the nasal passages and sinus area. It helps alleviate the stuffiness that results from a cold. Also, the extra liquid you consume from the classic drink helps loosen mucus.

Salted Ginger

Aside from consuming ginger as a drink, you can also try chewing on it. Ginger has properties that kill rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold. It also relieves sore throats more quickly. You can gnaw on some finely grated ginger. Add salt to lessen the spiciness of this root crop. Salt will also help ease the congestion in your nose.

Calamansi Juice With Honey

Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin C doesn’t prevent the occurrence of common colds. However, it helps reduce the severity and duration of the cold. The native calamansi is a good source of Vitamin C. Juice and dilute some calamansi in warm water and add some honey. The fruit gives you vitamins. On the other hand, honey helps treat the cold thanks to its antiviral properties. It also boosts the immune system. Enjoy the drink warm.

Water Therapy

Stay hydrated when you are suffering from a cold. You can also consume juices or soups that can provide the needed extra liquid to flush out all that mucus your body is producing. However, avoid alcohol and coffee because they are diuretic and can dehydrate you more.


Garlic is a potent treatment for the common cold. It has decongestant and expectorant properties that will help you fight the illness. But to maximize garlic’s potency, you have to consume it raw. Although we almost always put garlic in Filipino dishes, only a few of us can gnaw on this pungent ingredient when raw. Our tip is to crush two cloves and add honey to make it more palatable.

Carrot Juice

Carrots have Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps improve the immune system while Beta-Carotene helps your body absorb Vitamin A. Once you get an immune system boost, your body will be better at fighting the cold virus. To make carrots more potent, juice them then add citrus fruits to pack in additional Vitamin C.

In times like these, you can never be too careful with your health and total wellbeing. Apart from prevention, make sure you’re also covered financially for health-related emergencies.

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