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6 fitness tips for working millennials

If you’re a millennial, that stops today. Here are 6 excuse-proof fitness tips to get your heart rate pumping on your journey to physical wellbeing—and you don’t even have to go to the gym.

Filipinos love to eat and our meals are usually heavy. The physical activity or calories we burn from sitting at our desk all day in the office is negligible to compensate the calories we consume. If you’re working from home, you’re probably not getting enough exercise either.

According to a study, the younger generations of adults “struggle with their weight even more than their parents and grandparents did. Because being overweight can increase the risk of a variety of diseases, including type 2 diabetes and cancer, doctors and researchers from a variety of disciplines have been working tirelessly to identify the primary causes of this issue as well as possible solutions.”

“More than seven in 10 millennials—those born between the early 80s and mid 90s—are set to be overweight or obese between the ages of 35-44, according to estimates by Cancer Research UK.”

If you’re a millennial, that stops today. Here are 6 excuse-proof fitness tips to get your heart rate pumping on your journey to physical wellbeing—and you don’t even have to go to the gym.


1. Make time for exercise.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. To make things easier for you, set a consistent schedule. Are you a morning person? Take a half-hour walk when you wake up. Are you a night runner? Put on your reflective shoes and run around the neighborhood  before bed. Get into a routine and eventually exercise will become a habit. The first step to accomplishing anything is commitment. You must make time for exercise. Numerous fitness programs cater to busy working millennials and some exercises are less than 10 minutes. Fitness coach couple Jim and Toni Saret have devised a four-minute workout that can help you burn as many as 600 calories.


2. Do desk exercises.

Many people say that sitting is the new smoking. That doesn’t have to be the truth in your case. If you’re having a light meeting at work where you can afford to turn off your video, you can do desk-based workouts. Some of the mini-exercises you can do while sitting on an office chair include leg raises, chair squats, desk dips, wall sits, and arm raises. You can also install a standing desk or use a workout ball as a seat.


3. Take the stairs.

Walk around the house, answer the doorbell, take out the trash, run up the stairs. Stair exercises can burn as many if not more calories than running, especially if you amp the intensity. According to a 2019 study, running up the stairs can add years to your life and significantly improve your resting and exercise heart rates. It’s also a democratic form of exercise since it’s easily accessible and can be performed across ages and anywhere—you can use the stairs in your house or the fire escape in your condo.


4. Grab every opportunity to do physical activity.

Take every chance to work off those calories. Instead of taking a Grab ride, why not walk to your favorite lunch place? Get off the bus before your designated stop and walk the rest of the way to your building. You don’t need equipment to get some physical activity in. You can even take walking meetings. Instead of sitting down and listening to your video conference, jump on a treadmill or load up your data and walk outside. Did you know that mid-work exercise boosts creativity, enhances productivity and improves cognitive abilities?


5. Find a fitness buddy.

Believe it or not, it’s easier to stay focused on your goal of physical wellbeing when you have a partner. Doing it together will help keep you motivated. Besides, it’s more fun having someone to work out with. Keep each other accountable.


6. Sign up for a healthy meal delivery program.

Too busy to cook? That means you can be tempted easily by less healthy options such as fast food or instant meals. Order a weekly meal plan delivered to your doorstep instead. This is better than greasy burger and fries or oily carinderia meals. You’ll feel confident knowing that you’re ticking off your dietary needs and enjoying proper sustenance.

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