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5 ways to show your love to ‘the one’ on Valentine’s Day when you’re adulting

If you’re in a romantic relationship—or even if you’re not but still want to express your love to the people close to you—here are 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in new, adulting ways.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air for everyone. Young love is fun but would you believe that, contrary to popular belief, love is experienced more by the older generations (or at least those who are now adulting) than younger ones?  “Older people are often happier and more romantically attached than their younger counterparts,” according to Psychology Today, which qualifies further, “The nature of these romantic attachments, however, may differ.”

Love and our idea of “the one” evolve as we grow older—so do our expectations, requirements and expressions of love. When you’re young you may think you’re in love but you’re actually just infatuated. Not to say that when you’re adulting you don’t make the same mistake, but rather your past relationships have taught you a lot more about love, happiness, practicality, pain, and most of all what’s good for you—mentally, emotionally, physically, financially.

When you’re adulting and have more real-life experience, you learn what you want out of your relationships, the kind of person you want in your life, and why you do. If you’re in a romantic relationship—or even if you’re not but still want to express your love to the people close to you—here are 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in new, adulting ways.


1. Give The One to the one and say yes to The One that protects you

Mature love thrives when you give more than you receive. Mature love is about respecting your significant other’s opinion even when you don’t agree, taking responsibility for your actions—both the hurt and happiness you cause your partner—but above all it’s about wanting the best for them. Not in abstract ways but in ways that bring both of you peace of mind.

So here’s a new idea. Why don’t you give your SO insurance to celebrate your love and show them that you’re looking out for their health and security so you can live a longer, happier life together. FWD Life Insurance’s new product, The One for Life, understands that no matter what stage you are in life—whether you’re a Gen Z, millennial, Gen X or Boomer—you want security for yourself and your loved ones. FWD made sure you can personalize your coverage based on your needs—it’s flexible in terms of insurance protection, it’s easy to purchase, it gives life, critical illness, and accidental death benefits, and it doesn’t raise premiums after every 5 years if you continually renew your plan on time. Buy FWD The One for Life at


2. Make a custom card.

If you’re a Gen Z, you probably don’t know that bookstores used to have aisles and aisles of greeting cards for all occasions. Apart from Christmas, Valentine’s Day was the most popular occasion to send someone a greeting card. Bring back this lost expression of love by making your own card and writing a sweet letter. Remind your loved ones why you love them. Tell your SO about that moment when you knew they were The One.


3. Set a romantic date.

Making a reservation to their favorite restaurant despite knowing well that traffic will be bad is actually romantic in itself especially if your partner likes eating out. However, if they’d rather stay home for a lowkey celebration, you can still make it a romantic date by cooking for them. And, yes, surprise them with flowers and chocolates.


4. Spend quality time with them.

Put yourself in their shoes and do what they like doing. If your partner loves to play sports, making scrapbooks, taking photos, shopping or going to the beach—and you normally don’t, do it this time. We’re sure they will be delightfully surprised when you tell them, “This weekend is all about you and the things you love to do.” Do it and don’t complain—not a word even when it takes them hours trying on shoes.


5. Make a playlist.

Older people know that doing a mixtape—whether on a cassette tape or CD—was a romantic gesture because it entailed hours of choosing song, taping or burning on a CD. Today, you can do it quickly with Spotify and other digital platforms, and you just sent them the link when it’s done. Do it better by writing down reasons you chose each song when you send the link. It will show that you know your partner well when you score 10/10 with your song choices.


Valentine’s Day may be commercial and corny for many—but let’s not forget that when you make the effort despite this, it shows how much you want to celebrate your love with The One you chose for life.