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The most romantic places for marriage proposals in the Philippines

Romantic. Check. Beautiful. Check. Here are swoon-worthy places that’ll get her to say “yes.”

By Jen Chuaunsu

You’ve decided to pop the question. You’ve bought the ring and memorized your speech. Now, all you need is a beautiful, romantic place to set up the perfect marriage proposal.

There are lots of romantic places in the Philippines to choose from. The question is, should you go for picturesque romance or one that has sentimental value to both of you? Here’s a list to consider if you’re planning on putting a ring on it.

National Museum is the perfect place for art lovers’ vows of forever.

1. The National Museum and National Museum of Natural History

If you love art, history, and culture, then the National Museum and the National Museum of History are perfect. The museums are filled with the best backdrop for what you’re planning. Just imagine—your love declared surrounded by history and in the presence of some of the country’s greatest and most enduring art and artifacts!

Sagada’s breathtaking views will get anyone to say yes, a hundred times.

2. Sagada

No matter what any movie says, Sagada is not just for the brokenhearted. It’s for hopeless romantics, too. You can choose from a number of attractions: Lumiang Cave, Echo Valley, and Bokong Falls. Why not go on a hike? When you reach the Kiltepan Viewpoint at sunrise, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. With the breathtaking view of the mountains as your backdrop, it’ll just be impossible for her to say no.

Who would not fall in love with Manila Bay’s magnificent sunset on the horizon?

3. Manila Bay

What can be more romantic than to propose with Manila Bay’s famed sunset as your backdrop? Well, make it even more so by taking the Manila Bay Sunset Cruise, hiring a band, and proposing as you sail away into the orange sunset. Top it all off with a romantic dinner under the stars.

Raw and rural, Batanes just gives you that feeling that anything is possible.

4. Batanes

Batanes is known for its rugged seascapes and spectacular landscapes. Head over to the white sand beaches on Sabtang Island and ask for her hand in marriage. You may also want to bike around the stunning island and stop at Basco Lighthouse. The view and the ring are sure to take her breath away.


5. A private cinema

If you’re a couple that loves movies and popcorn on a Friday night, then a wedding proposal in a private movie theater is perfect. Your partner will never see a proposal coming. You can even rent a private cinema and watch your favorite movie together before you pop the question.

Whether you pop the question by sunrise, during sunset, or late at night, Siargao’s gorgeous waters won’t let anyone say no.

6. Siargao

Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines, but even if you’re not a surfer, you can enjoy the white beaches, lagoons, caves, and other natural attractions. If you are a surfer, then you already know where you have to go and what you have to do.


7. Enchanted Kingdom

This is for fun-loving couples that love amusement parks. And there are a number of places in the park where you can do it. The merry-go-round is one romantic spot. Or you can wait when you are both on top of the world via the Ferris Wheel to pop the question. And you know there’s scheduled fireworks, right? So you can time it when the sky is all lit up. 


8. Boracay

There’s nothing like a sunset on a beach! Boracay’s sunset is guaranteed to set the mood—it can be orange one day, pink the next or a mix of both. Get on your knee on White Beach and watch her surprised reaction at this picture-perfect moment.  


9. Palawan

Choose between El Nido and Coron. Or even the more quiet Port Barton if you’re divers. Time to jump off the boat and give her the surprise of her life. Just don’t drop the ring underwater!

Why go for the traditional candle-lit dinner when you can propose with a horse and a rose?

10. Baguio

With its cool weather and pine trees, Baguio has an artsy, romantic vibe that’s perfect for romantic proposals. There are lots of places where you can organize your surprise—Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, even Session Road. High up in the mountains, you’ll really feel like you’re on top of the world when she says yes.


Now that she’s said yes, it’s time to plan for your future together. It’s not just about the wedding. It’s also about how your marriage is a celebration of life, health, and family.

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